Commander's Welcome
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Cdr William L. Soule, P
The 2009 Commander of the
Kalamazoo Sail & Power Squadron

A membership in the Kalamazoo Sail & Power Squadron will provide you many boating related
opportunities, the first and generally foremost of which is education. Our primary purpose is
boating education and I hope you will take advantage of the many classes we offer.

In addition to education, the Kalamazoo Sail and Power Squadron holds regularly scheduled
dinner meetings; usually the second Tuesday of the month in January, February, April, May,
September, and November. These meetings feature a program of general interest to boating
enthusiasts like you.  Much of the squadron's work is done in committee meetings.  The Executive
Committee meets the second Tuesday of March, June, August, October and December.

The squadron also organizes a rendezvous for the members at sites accessible by boat or car.
In late June or early July, we hold a Vessel Safety Inspection and picnic. The first Saturday in
August, we march with other District 9 squadrons in the Grand Haven Coast Guard Parade. Much
of my own boating education has come from the squadron’s experienced boaters at these
gatherings and other squadron activities.

As a member, you will receive the bi-monthly USPS publication,
The Ensign, District 9's
The Interlaker, and our Squadron publication, The Pilot.

I hope you will join us so you can enjoy the many opportunities Kalamazoo Sail and Power
Squadron provides. If you have any questions regarding membership, don’t hesitate to call me,
bridge officers or any squadron member. Check the membership benefits link in our
websites navigation bar to the left.
(269) 544-0518