Commander's Message
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Cdr Lyndell R. Bleyer, P
The 2012 Commander of the
Kalamazoo Sail & Power Squadron
With the help of everyone in the squadron, I hope to advance the accomplishments made by
KSPS in the last few years . . . continuing to add new members, getting people involved in
classes and activities, community outreach, connecting with other boaters, increasing the number
of Vessel Safety Checks, putting up boating safety signs at more launch ramps and promoting
Kalamazoo Sail & Power Squadron name recognition.  

Gary and I became members in 2004 after I took Boat Smart  (now ABC-3) for the first time and
Gary took it as a refresher.  Since then we have taken Seamanship and every elective course
offered. From our experience, we found that taking classes beyond that basic boating course was
the single most important step toward becoming active members of the squadron.  The
interaction of fellow classmates and instructors helped create a feeling of belonging. A close,
second  - important factor - was having other members reach out to us, inviting us to KSPS
A third important factor was having members ask us to participate with event preparation or
committee work. It was like being brought into the fold. We were mentored and shown how to
handle the lines.  Now it’s an honor to stand watch and hold the tiller.  

I am asking each one of you to think about your role in the squadron. I am asking that you
re-enlist as an active committee member, and do what you can to encourage new members to
become involved.  Encouraging membership can be as simple as coming to the last night of ABC
class … or introducing yourself when someone new comes to a meeting or personally inviting
them to an event.  Make them feel welcome and part of this group.

If you are not yet a KSPS member, I hope you will join us so you can enjoy the many
opportunities Kalamazoo Sail and Power Squadron provides. If you have any questions regarding
membership, don’t hesitate to call me, our membership chair Karen Strand (269-964-6690), other
bridge officers or any squadron member. Check the membership benefits link in our
website's navigation bar to the left.
(269) 731-5601