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SEO Wally Corder and P/C Lois Whitmore, SN are recognized at
the April 2010 meeting for their dedication to public boating safety education.
In addition to the duties of Squadron Education Officer,
Wally coordinates the adult ABC classes in Kalamazoo and handles much of the P.R.
Lois has been coordinating the boating safety classes geared toward
youth for several decades, is on the Executive Committee and is Supply Officer.
Both are very active KSPS volunteers.
Ron  McPhee, AP was awarded his
Educational Proficiency Award on      
20 March 2010
To earn Educational Proficiency, a member
must complete Advanced Piloting and at
least three elective classes.
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KSPS Member Recognition
Family Fishing Fair
The Family Fish Fair was a chance to introduce KSPS to the public. The Portage Parks and
Recreation department hosted the event Saturday 24 April from 4 to 8 pm. Over a hundred
people turned out, even though it threatened to rain and at times did rain.  KSPS was invited to
host a station for youngsters called
Ready, Set, Boat.
We had three activities for kids. The first was identifying parts of a boat and explaining what the
capacity plate means. The second was having children select items they thought should be taken
on a boat trip and explaining their importance. Third was putting on a PFD and making sure it fits
properly.  In addition, we had our usual handouts and safety brochures, a safety video running
on laptop and talked about our classes.
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Pictured: Wally, Lois, Lyn and Gary.  Other volunteers not pictured are Ron, Maris and Bill.
Left, P/C Nils Strand, AP accepts award for dedication
to KSPS from Cdr Gary Bleyer.  In addition to being
KSPS commander in 2000, Nils, for several years has
been coordinating the ABC and Introduction to
Charting classes in Battle Creek, is our Treasurer, a
Vessel Examiner and Port Captain in South Haven.
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