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George D. Gerpheide, AP
achieves Life Member status by
earning 25th merit mark
in 2008.  
Assistant SEO Diane Hansen, JN
received the Educational Proficiency Award
in 2008 for completing an advanced grade
course and taking at least three elective
classes.  She completed four.   
KSPS received three trophies from District 9 the for the D/9 squadron with
the highest percentage of members achieving the following during the
2007-2008 educational year.
The R/C Glenn H. Howell, SN,  Elective Course Award for D/9 squadron
with the highest percent of members passing Elective Courses.
The R/C/ James E. Ryan, SN, Advanced Grades Award for the highest
percent of squadron members earning Advanced Grades.  
The P/R/C George Richardson, SN, Educational Performance Award for
highest percentage of members passing all types of courses.
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