Upcoming D/9 Events

at Shanty Creek Resorts
5780 Shanty Creek Rd
Bellaire, MI
Register early to get special rate
Be sure to ask for
USPS D9 conference room rate 1479
Guest Rooms
2 adults = $99, 3 adults = $144, 4 adults = $129
Lunch $16 pp,  
Dinner $45 pp (Flank steak or Salmon)
Spring Conference 2015
When:  Friday and Saturday 24-25 April, 2015

Friday Night Hospitality Theme - Musicals with a nautical twist

Friday night
Squadrons offer food and refreshment in rooms scattered throughout the hotel.
Costumes optional.  This is a fun, informal night to meet people from other squadrons.

There is plenty of variety to satisfy your appetite from Tacos and Margarita's in the
Kalamazoo and South Bend room, Salmon by Muskegon and Grand Rapids,
Detroit offers a diverse bar and other rooms featuring hot and cold foods,
Kalamazoo and South Bend combine to offer Tacos and Margueritas, and of course
Birmingham squadron's Ice Cream Social.

Saturday morning there are Seminars

Luncheon followed by D9 Business Meeting

Saturday night is a banquet and entertainment.

You may register for one, both or no meals.

There is no fee to attend the conference.  However, the cost of putting on the
conference is recovered from a small fee placed on the meals and hotel rooms.

Registration form is at the
D9 website.  or call Lyn or Cdr

Details at District 9 website soon - http://d9-usps.org/
In addition to officers’ meetings, here is a sampling of the Saturday schedule:
•  Virtual Trainer Demonstrations
•  Boating Activities for Your Squadron
•  Hiking to North Manitou Island (A first‐hand account of 4 men who crossed
the frozen Manitou Passage in 2014, as told by participant Bob Sutherland,
owner of Cherry Republic.)
•  Mackinaw Maritime Museum Program     
•  Vessel Safety Checks (Highlighting the new manual)
•  Seamanship/Piloting  (course changes)
•  Electronic Navigation
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