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Betty Bledsoe and Jim Johnston joined after
taking the ABC class from Wally Corder.  Lyn
captured them in the Introduction to Charting
class taught by Nils Strand.

Betty has a friend in Detroit that wants her to go
boating.  She took ABC because she was
interested in learning more about boating so she
would know what to expect and what to do when
out on the water.
After about 35 years of fishing, Jim decided to
get a larger boat.  He and his wife, Jerilyn are
planning on exploring the chain-of-lakes in
Northern Michigan.

He also wanted to be prepared.

Don't they both have beautiful smiles.
We look forward to seeing them in other classes,
at meetings and KSPS events.
Photo of Linda McTeague
Linda McTeague joined KSPS in June 2010
after taking the America's Boating Course in
Battle Creek.  
Photo of Sid Durham
USPS cyber after self studying the America's
Boating Course. He winters in Venice FL and
will be an associate member there.