Commander's Ball 2006
Cdr Robyn Levene, P and D/C
Denise Samu, AP
D/C Denise Samu and Stf/C
Robert Landeros, SN
Robyn, Jerry, 1/Lt Scott Levene,
P, Denise and D/Lt/C Bryan
Bartlett, AP
P/C Nils Strand, AP cutting a
Lt George D. Gerpheide AP,
Robyn, Bob and P/C Allen
Buskirk, SN
P/C Bob Boyce, AP explaining
the significance of the Red and
Green socks
Bob Boyce holding the Red and
Green socks award (circa
Cdr Robyn Levene with her
guests, Mr & Mrs Tim Israels
P/C Allen Buskirk, SN holding
the socks, but are they in the
correct hands?
Cdr Robyn Levene, P thanking
Lt/C Jerry Hendrickson, AP for a
Great Commander's Ball!
P/C Bob Boyce, AP and Edna
1/Lt Jim Riordan, P, Trish Smith,
Maribeth Hendrickson, and
Lt/C Jerry Hendrickson, AP
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